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« Tony Anderson - Immanuel »

კატეგორია: მუსიკა

ავტორი: admin

თარიღი: 2022-12-16 21:46:01

Immanuel was written using my favorite melodic content from "Carol of the Bells" and "Veni Veni - O Come O Come Emmanuel." Though originally released in 2015, Stephen Proctor gave a stunning and breathtaking visual interpretation of it that I thought deserved its own short film. It's mesmerizing.

This song was simply personal piece of music in 2015 - I took an entire month and had fun without thinking much of a public response, but then the Ambient Music channel stole it by uploading it without my permission and it picked up 6 million hits...clearly people love Christmas music as much as I do. This led me to think more deeply about the possibility of an entire album of Christmas music interpreted in this vein.

Soprano - Timbre Cierpke

Cello - Chris Coleman

Violin - Maggie Lander